Orbital Oddity

2 min readMar 23, 2023

More AI fun mixed with practical photography. I photographed a small toy replica of a Star Wars fighter (even has a little toy R2 mounted up front) against a blue screen. I then selected it and cut it out of the background and composited into this AI Art space scene where the fighter is investigating an orbital oddity. Nobody knows what it is.

I used a combination of Jasper AI and DALL-E AI to make the background and the space blimp. I composited the toy space ship photo into the scene.

I took the combination into Boris FX Optics and this is where it came to life in terms of my vision. I added some particle effects making it look like the space ship was stirring up some dust as it entered the frame. Then I added an aurora borealis, some stars, and a color grade and I am very happy with the result.

The AI Background Before I Composited In The Toy & Effects. Looks good this way too IMO.

I photographed the toy spaceship using my Fuji X100V which was mounted on a Platypod and Platyball.

I used two LumeCube Panel Pros and reflector to light the scene.

Remember, toys are joy.

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