Rebel Starfighter Patrol

2 min readMar 27, 2023

Inspired by Star Wars

I photographed a single toy model of a starfighter against a blue screen. I can’t tell you much but I will tell you I used a new Platypod product that is coming soon to suspend the toy model. (Don’t try to guess what it is from that sentence because you’ll miss the boat…)

I made two more copies of the toy space ship in Photoshop and reduced them in size — placing them so it looks like they are distant for a total of three space ships in the final image.

I then created a space background using a combination of several AI Art generators. I composited the photo of the toy into the space background and then brought the results into BORISFX where I added particle effects, lighting and texture effects, and did a color grade.

The last step was TOPAZ PHOTO AI for noise reduction, sharpening and resolution enhancement all in one step.

I really like how it all turned out. This new AI stuff let’s me be creative in ways I wouldn’t be able to pull off otherwise.

I used my Fujifilm X Series US #x100v to photograph the toy model with one Lume Cube Panel Pro as a light source.

Remember, toys are joy.

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