The Best Photographers/Artists I Know Are Optimistic

3 min readMay 23, 2023

“Optimism and hope relate to how we think and feel about the future. If we do believe that things will work out for the best, all the setbacks become easier to deal with,” — Michael J. Fox

In today’s world, anger and tribalism seem to dominate, which poses a challenge for photographers and artists.

There’s a timeless adage that holds true: “the camera looks both ways.” If we carry a scowl on our faces, our photos will reflect that negativity. Having witnessed this firsthand, I choose to embrace optimism.

Optimism is a mental state characterized by hope, confidence, and a positive outlook on the future. Optimists anticipate and plan for good things, always seeking the bright side. In contrast, pessimists expect negative outcomes in their future. Adopting an optimistic mindset offers tangible benefits for artists, including reduced stress, enhanced well-being, and a sense of resilience. By freeing ourselves from unnecessary burdens, we create space for unhindered creativity.

Optimism teaches us to view challenges as opportunities for growth. When we perceive our problems as valuable learning tools, stress diminishes, and happiness prevails. While some may dismiss this as mere mumbo jumbo, I’ve witnessed its profound impact throughout my life. Both personally and in the company of others, I’ve observed how negativity can plunge individuals into darkness and impede the creative process.

Artistry is deeply intertwined with our mental state. Our minds possess remarkable power — they can uplift us or bring us down. Nurturing our minds with healthy and positive thoughts leads to thriving in both personal and professional domains. Conversely, neglecting this nourishment causes discontent and self-deprecation.

Extensive research has been conducted on the effectiveness and influence of optimism on individuals. The benefits of optimism are numerous. Optimists possess greater resilience, refusing to give up when faced with challenges. Instead, they strive to overcome obstacles, knowing that situations can change in their favor. Helen Keller emphasized the importance of optimism, stating, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be done without hope.”

Optimism fosters persistence in the face of adversity. Optimistic individuals maintain hope, enabling them to pursue their goals and remain committed. Hope and optimism are inseparable; losing one diminishes the other. To sustain a creative life, maintaining a positive outlook is paramount.

Our perception of life profoundly impacts our artistic expression. Surrounding ourselves with positivity and an optimistic worldview helps us recognize that seemingly insurmountable problems are often manageable. Once we overcome these challenges, nothing can impede our complete artistic self-expression.

Winston Churchill astutely noted, “Optimists see opportunities in every difficulty.” Regardless of setbacks, an optimistic mindset empowers us to recover and move forward.

As Mary Lou Retton aptly put it, “Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” So, embrace positivity and happiness. Watch as your photography or art flourishes, and your audience appreciates the beauty you create.

Optimism can help you persist in the face of challenges. Optimistic people are hopeful and that hope helps them move forward with their goals and stay committed to them. Hope and optimism go hand in hand, if you lose hope you lose the ability to stay optimistic and vice versa.

To maintain a creative life, it is incredibly important to stay positive.

The way you look at things in life can affect the way you express your art. When you surround yourself with a positive attitude and optimistic view, it can help you understand that no matter how big your problem looks like, in the end, it is just a small and easily manageable one. Once your problems are behind you, there’s nothing stopping you from fully expressing yourself in your art.

No matter what setbacks you face, it is important to understand that having an optimistic mindset can help you recover from those setbacks.

Stay positive, stay happy! Your photography/art will improve and your audience will appreciate it.




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