Why Do You Share Your Images?

2 min readMay 1

I’ve been thinking lately about the WHY — it’s always the most important question. People don’t really care WHAT you do — they care WHY you do it. Motivation is the single biggest driver in all our endeavors, including art.

So why — why do you share your images?

Have you ever REALLY been honest with yourself about that? If you want to break it down — just for yourself, and be honest, you can admit your secrets. But in public, you will probably say something different. At least that has been my experience as I have spent decades studying this concept.

In photography, some people share their images because they want to sell them. Others share them because they want to prove they have mastered the craft of photography. On a related note, still others want to share their images because they want to show off the fact that they have mastered a particular camera. Some people share images because they are deeply passionate about the subject matter. Some people share images because they want the ego stroke. Some people share images because it’s their way of story telling or expressing their emotions.

I am not here to judge.

Whatever your reason for sharing your images, it’s valid. But do at least be honest with yourself about the WHY — even if you can’t be honest with the rest of us.

Ego often gets in the way of honesty.

Now I’ll wrap this up with a little bit of proof. I am sharing an image I made without a camera. I made it with my brain…and with AI Art tools, and with post-processing skill using Photoshop, BorisFX Optics and several filters from Topaz Labs.

Now if it upsets you that I didn’t use a camera, it tells me that one of the reasons YOU share YOUR images is that you want to prove mastery of the craft of photography or your camera.

That’s completely cool.

For me — I want to share images most of the time because I am deeply passionate about the subject matter. I don’t really care what the medium is. I just want to enjoy the image.

So here, I offer you a simple image inspired by a Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) standing in some leaves when fall color was in full swing.

My WHY is simple. I see birds as art — in and of themselves. So you will be seeing more AI Art from me. I care about the subject — not the medium. Your mileage may vary. Thanks for reading.

If you’re interested in more of my AI artwork featuring birds, head on over to www.avianbeauty.com.


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